Friday, March 23, 2012

Nimbuzz New Anti Kik Chat Room Tips And Tricks

                                             Create anti kick chatrooms
                                                                                       Steps: 1->
                                 create chatroom from nimbuzz symbian or java
                                                                 STEP 2->
                                            open bombus and login with owner id
                                                                 STEP 3->

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lock Room Of Any Nimbuzz Room Settings Pc Tools Download

                                       Room Of Any Nimbuzz Room Settings Pc Tools Download
                                                               Download Here

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Auto Chat Bot V 1.0 Pc Tools Download

Open with password-chatbot
This is an auto replying Chabot for gtalk in Gmail account and in nimbuzz account.
Once someone in your list sends a chat message the bot (your id) replies to them auto, the bot responds with the normal artificial intelligence with some changes. You can also set a personal message Like- I am busy And whatever you wish.
Steps to use
*select an account and enter your username and password, message.
*click sign in, view the status above.
*After login is success, once when someone messages to your id. You can see his id and the message sent by him, and your id reply too in the side window with date and time..100% safe for using.Enjoy!

Shayan add bomber.exe for nimbuzz Pc Tools Download

It is add flood for nimbuzz..first open the application then make a file on note pad containing ur all ids like
put them vertically.then on sofwatre select load id then on browse select the id folder then put ur pass and target id then start.thats it.enjoy the flooding.
if there is error like any file mising then extract the file frm the folder and paste that in window>system32 folder then it ill start working.
Download Click Here

DraGon Fire Flooder New Version Download Of Nimbuzz

                                         DraGon Fire Flooder, UnlimiTed Version all Free.
                                     Crime tools - explore all new world of flooding with
                                          Download Now

Zombie Gunderdotnetframework New Flood Software Download

                          Zombie Gunderdotnetframework New Flood Software  Download

Cobra Room Freezer Pc Flood Sucsesfull Softwer Download

                                Cobra Room Freezer Sucsesfull Softwer
Click Here