Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nimbuzz Android New Version Pc And Mobile Mac Tools

Nimbuzz for Android devices is considered a godsend-type of IM. It is packed with a lot of cool features and delivers in the multimedia messaging and chatting department with great aplomb. If you have used it, you should know that to be true. If you haven’t, consider running through this in-depth look.

While Nimbuzz does have its own messaging, chat, and voice network, its most valuable asset is its connectivity with some of the most popular messaging networks online. Yahoo Messenger, AIM, GTalk, Facebook, MySpace, and Windows Live are just some of the networks you can connect to via Nimbuzz. But, its interconnection to Skype for both messaging and voice is what puts Nimbuzz ahead of the rest in the mobile IM industry. With its Skype integration, users can literally use the Skype service to call other Skype users and even to any mobile or fixed network using SkypeOut, its call out feature. Hence, if you have credits with Skype, Nimbuzz allows you to use it. Furthermore, the quality through Nimbuzz on calls, be it through Skype or Nimbuzz’s own voice service, is topnotch.
Contacts Management
Nimbuzz seems to have thought this through for both the iOS and Android versions. Through Nimbuzz, a user can pull out all its existing contacts on the networks he choose to connect to plus the contacts listed on his phone book. And, all that happens rather automatically.
Complete Connectivity
Nimbuzz on Android works over pretty much any network, be it Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G. It will rarely bug out on you when the connection is strong and stable. Furthermore, Nimbuzz will auto connect should the connection fail for some unknown reason.
Multimedia Feature
With Nimbuzz, you can go into regular chatting, voice calls, and video chatting mode rather easily. However, what most users may really find really invaluable is the ability to share multimedia on chats. Yes, you can actually send and share documents, photos, audio files, and videos through the chat interface. There literally is no limit as to the size of the file, only the speed of the file transfer will have a limitation based on the mobile Internet service you are using.
Nimbuzz Negatives
There are a lot of other positive things that can be mentioned about Nimbuzz. However, it does have some elements that a lot of people may find annoying and irritating as well. For instance, while Nimbuzz does allow users to make calls through the Skype networks, it does not allow the Skype group chat or call feature through it. Nimbuzz has its own grouping feature, but you can only use that for the Nimbuzz native network.
Some people have also noticed larger than normal consumptions of battery life on the Android version compared to the iPhone or Windows Phone versions. In fact, some people have actually complained that Nimbuzz can drain the battery of their phones like it was no tomorrow, especially when engaged in video chats.
All in all, though, Nimbuzz for Android, or any other mobile device for that matter, is a winner on its features alone, particularly its Skype integration. Its interface is something to be admired as well.

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