Sunday, February 12, 2012


• нσÑ•Ñ”ιη • : Hi Friends I wanna teach you how to get revenge from OWNERS and ADMINS and their ROOM and flood them at one time and make an explode. (For whose got harsh and kicked by the officials of the room).
Follow these steps: 1. Login with bombus and join the victim room.

2. Now checked how many owners and admin in it. For example: there are two owner with the name pak2 and pak1, and one admin with name miss-nimbuzz3. Notice: which owners and admins whose login with bombusmods are in the preference.
3. Now run your opera application (by mob or pc), and open 5 tabs on it and in each tab go to the address below:
4. Now in each tab fill in the blanks with your flood id information
5. Now in the 1st tab, write the first owner id (miss-nimbuzz1) in the"Target PV in Room"box. Then go to next tab and write the 2nd owner id(miss-nimbuzz2), go to next tab and write the admin id(miss-nimbuzz3)
6. Do ready the next tabs for whose owners and admins that enter the room as soon as the flood start. Notice: if you have 200 ids flood, put 1 to 50(1-50) in the1st tab, 51 to 100(51-100) in the 2nd tab and 101 to 150(101-150) in the 3rd tab and keep the others for next.
7. Now every thing is ready. Start the 3 tab to flood at the same time. By this, the room and the owners and admins pvit get flood at on time. Watch as soon as 1 new owner enter the room quickly copy his id name and past in the new tabs that you make them ready before. While flooding , the owners and admins ids get dc and frezz and can't enter the room. HAVE FUN By Ahmad

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